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Picture this: You’re tired, stressed out, and at your wit’s end from a hard day at the office. You enter the spa. Relaxing sounds and a welcoming staff member greet you. You settle in for your spa treatment, and you feel the tension of the day ebbing away. You leave the spa after your treatments. You are relaxed. If only you could go to this magical place every day!

The goal of our spa services is to make sure you are as refreshed and relaxed as possible. Our technicians, massage therapists, and aestheticians work together to give you the relaxation and stress relief you need.


Most women and men groom their body hair. A recent study found more than 80 percent have the hair on at least a part of their body groomed. We offer grooming to meet any requirements you have and to make sure you look your fully groomed best. If you need your eyebrows shaped, that’s an easy fix. We can also wax above your lip or do your chin to remove any unwanted hairs there. We can also wax larger parts of your body. In addition, we can wax your underarm, upper arm, lower arm, or full arm.

Need to make sure your bikini area is well-groomed, especially with beach season and pool season approaching? We can take care of you. We offer Brazilian bikini waxes and regular bikini waxes. We can also wax your whole leg, your upper leg or your lower leg. Need another part of your body waxed that we didn’t discuss? Give us a call for pricing.


We have every kind of facial to suit your needs, which is good because everyone’s skin is different. If you aren’t sure what kind of facial your skin needs, we can help with that. Our basic facial is a good place to start. It introduces you to the ingredients and routine of our facials. If you want a signature facial, we can do that. We tailor them to your specific skin type and skin needs. Vitamin C facials are also available. These facials supposedly tighten and brighten skin. We also have a specific anti-aging facial to keep your skin looking younger for longer.

What if your skin needs more intensive treatment? We can handle it. We designed our detox anti-acne facial to reduce inflammation and prevent breakouts. Want an aromatherapy facial, which helps you to relax? Great! We have those as well. We also have deep hydration facials that we guarantee will bring moisture levels up in your skin. We can also specifically target areas of your skin with microdermabrasion and eye treatments.

Spa Services


We can all use a massage from time to time. We have the traditional Swedish massages that we guarantee will release your stress and remove tension. If you have a specific area you would like to emphasize, you can have a great deep tissue massage. You may also want to try a hot stone massage, which gives your muscles a chance to unknot themselves. In addition, we have a lymphatic massage to help drain your lymph system. Need to give cellulite the boot? You might want to think about the CryoSkin technique. This is a massage tool that works to freeze fat in areas where you have a problem.

Best of all, JK Salon and Spa offers package deals on nearly all our spa treatments. This gives you more services for less money. We also have loyalty programs. Our loyalty program tracks every dollar you spend so you can use your points to buy things you need. With all our benefits, no wonder JK Salon and Spa is so popular!


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