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Utilizing the most advanced technologies in the hair care industry, we can help you achieve a healthier, fuller, and denser-looking hair while leaving behind the days of dandruff, seborrhea, and hair loss. Finally, put an end to that itchy scalp and thinning hairline. 

Baldness & Hair Loss

We have specific hair treatments for all types of hair loss. If you have temporary hair loss due to one of the three different forms of alopecia, then our alopecia hair treatments will help you revitalize the spots of baldness and help you regain hair growth faster. Additionally, there are other lesser common forms of alopecia, and our formula is designed to help you regain hair growth from ANY of the many different forms of the condition. We are known worldwide for our products and their ability to help you stop hair loss and begin growing your own natural hair again. 

Dandruff, Scalp, & Seborrhea Control

Recently we successfully released our Seborrhea line of hair treatment products. We are proud to say that our treatments for the control of seborrhea are completely natural, produced from medicinal plants around the world, and have proven successful in controlling and eliminating that irritating case of seborrhea in the hair and scalp. We can help you dry up and live a life free of chronic seborrhea, which can lead to hair loss. 


The SIMONE TRICHOLOGY line of restructuring moisturizing treatments give your hair the moisture, shine, and strength from root to tip that you desire and deserve. Our products will repair the damaged hair fibers as a result of years of hair dyes, perms, and coloring. We will return your natural hair beauty and restore your glow without using harsh chemicals of our own. 

Our balancing and oxygenating treatments will regulate and control the pH levels of your scalp, preventing future occurrences of imbalances and successfully preventing the onset of flaking.

We will keep your scalp clean, oxygenated, and perfectly balanced!


List of hair treatment options

Hair Loss

Successfully treat multiple types of hair loss including general hair loss, alopecia, and age related baldness.


You can successfully control your seborrhea problems and greasy dandruff in the hair and scalp.


Scientifically developed to treat, dry up, and prevent dry oily dandruff from your hair and scalp.


Imagine if your hair had the all day moisture, shine, and strength from the root to split that it deserves.


Our hair equilibrium line regulates and controls pH of the scalp, preventing an imbalance and flaking.

Hair Essentials

Try one of our prepackage hair system kits specially formulated for the most common types of hair problems.

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