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These days, it seems that salons are all the same. Nearly every salon offers cuts, color, and blowouts. There are also salons that are always on the cutting edge of style. However, they usually straddle between a modern style and styles you can’t wear to work. You may be looking for something a little different than the everyday treatment from your salon. You may not want something too out-there to wear as your go-to hairstyle. We can’t blame you.

Our Goals as a Salon

For the last two years, people in Fort Lee have named JK Salon and Spa the best salon in the city. There’s a reason we are well-liked by our customers. We make it our goal every day to give you the salon experience that best suits your needs. Your needs may change every visit — no problem. We want to deliver a personalized experience for you every time. This may mean that one visit, you may come in and want a traditional style and blowout. We can do that. Perhaps, you are looking for a change to rid yourself of the same hairstyle. We would love to help with that. You might really need a color fix after a stressful week at work. No problem — we can handle that as well.

Best of all, we want to deliver all the services you need in a warm and welcoming environment. We want you to come in, relax, and have the best salon experience of your life. That is our goal each day — to give you the beauty experience you deserve.

What We offer

Our years of business experience and excellent customer reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook tell us what you want — personalized service. With that in mind, we tailor our business to meet your needs. We want to be your one-stop shop for all things beauty-related. First, we offer top-of-the-line products in our salon. This means we offer products you’re familiar with and you know are the best in the beauty business.

In addition to our quality hair care products, which you can buy in the store, we also have amazing stylists. Our stylists are highly trained. This means they’re familiar with traditional haircuts, as well as the latest trends in cuts and colors. That way, they can offer you a traditional style, something more modern, or a trendy mix of the two. Looking for hair painting techniques or balayage? We’ve got them at JK Salon and Spa.

why Choose JK Salon & Spa

Ahh … Hair

If you’re looking for hair salon services, we can deliver like no other salon in the area. If you’re a man, and you want a salon that understands manscaping — you’ve found one. We do a brilliant job at hair cutting and styling. Whether you want a short cut for summer or a bit longer for the winter, we can make sure you’re ready. 

Just in case all this isn’t enough, JK Salon believes in rewarding our loyal customers. We are one of the few salons in the area to offer a loyalty program for our customers. Every dollar you spend at the salon or spa gets you points toward free products or services. How great is that?

Are you looking for a salon that offers you the personal and peaceful experience you deserve? Why not give JK Salon and Spa a call? We would love to give you the personal attention you deserve.


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